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last update 09/21

PowerPac -         Multi-Cleaner type MCS520 to use for horse dung, leaves, waste or windfall

                                       Cleaning without limits                                          

Horse-dung, foliage, waste or windfall cleaner by PowerPac


Note: Vacuum container made from aluminium

and not plastic as is the case with other suppliers

Equipped with a stronger engine Husqvarna type 570BTS = 100 % more Suction power







horse dung



Put an end to tiresome collecting of horse-dung. With the new Multi-Cleaner you can quickly and effortlessly remove any unwanted material from your fields,

stables and horse paddocks. Above all, this includes horse-dung, which must be removed for the wellbeing of the horses.

Your foliage can also be cleared up with minimal effort. The latest product is the aluminium Multi-Cleaner, which in comparison to the original plastic containers 

is tear and distortion-resistant, and now has a volume of 520 litres instead of 360 litres. According to the manufacturer, this flexible device generates as much interest among stables, horse-breeders and livestock breeders as it does among town/fairground cleaning service providers or even fruit growers for collecting windfall. With a high suction power and 520 litre capacity, its usability knows no boundaries. The standard device includes the following: axle/towbar,

support wheel, vacuum hose retainer, 3 m vacuum hose and large fine filter.

The Multi-Cleaner can also optionally be fitted to an MCE400 electro wheelbarrow, or to the RC450/RC550 track-dumper for extreme ground conditions and sloping terrain. In addition, an electrically operated brush and snowblade can be attached to the electro wheelbarrow.


Applications Multi-Cleaner Typ MCS520 / 520ltr.

Multi-Cleaner type MCS520

with axle / towing bar and supporting wheel


Suction tube with fork

to use for example

sandy ground or wood chips ground


Wheelbarrow with electric drive


Multi-Dumper elektro type MCE400

Perfect assistant for stables and yards


light cargo tray 450ltr.

dimensions: 1160 x 850 x 565 mm

Rotary Sweeper 85cm/105cm

Snow Blade 85cm


 Seat with spring borne and

 foot service brake


Feed/Forage wagon

interior view pic


Multi-Cleaner type MCS520

based on a electric wheelbarrow

Multi-Dumper elektro Type MCE400

Multi-Cleaner type MCS520 based on a turning platform 360° and a pallet loader



Multi-Cleaner type MCS520

based on a PowerPac trailer



Impassable grounds

Rubber Track Carrier











Multi-Cleaner type MCS520

based on a Rubber Track Carrier

Track-Dumper type RC450 / RC550

Customer cemetery / leaves 1

Multi-Cleaner on a pallet loader 1

Customer from the Azores 1


brocher Multi-Cleaner MCS520


NEW Wheelbarrow with electric drive


Electro-Dumper ED120

Perfect assistant for stables and yards



brocher Electro-Dumper ED120








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