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PowerPac -         Company Information



Making life easier


PowerPac offers mini-transporters and compaction technology


By including the manufacture of motorised wheelbarrows, PowerPac has opened a business segment with room for expansion. Known for its tampers and vibrating plates, the German company from Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt has marketed its Dumper series successfully since 2001. These transporters are equipped with petrol or electric engines, and wheel or track drive.


PowerPac has been represented in the German construction machinery market since 1991 with its tampers and vibrating plates, which are used particularly for soil and concrete compaction. Lothar Urbschat is the founder and managing director of the company, based in Kronberg am Taunus.

"PowerPac stands for expertise in compaction technology", says Urbschat. "From design to distribution, we employ professionals with extensive know-how for providing a service to professionals. Our philosophy includes market-based product development, taking into account the tried and true".

The idea of making wheelbarrow use easier was born two years ago during a private construction project. A motorised wheelbarrow had to be developed. The company immediately requested a utility patent for these machines.

"Since then, we have continuously expanded the product line of motorised wheelbarrows", reports Urbschat. The first on the market was the Multi-Dumper, a multi-function device with optional attachments, including power accessories. Later came the Mini-Dumper with a deeper tipping trough, and then the Electric-Dumper. A year ago, the product line was expanded with the introduction of the Track Drive Dumper.

The demand for a simpler carrying system led to the development of the Mini-Dumper. This has a lower load volume and a lower structure overall. "By expanding our product line with this small versatile transport device, we have also expanded our dealer network", says the managing director. "With compaction technology, we continue to have a presence at construction equipment dealerships. Our Dumper products are also conveniently available at dealers of motorised equipment".

"We have developed many new designs of small, off-road transport equipment in recent years", emphasises Urbschat. "We participated in 18 trade fairs in 2004 alone. We also sent flyers and direct mailings to dealers. The launch of our second product line was accompanied by an extensive advertising campaign. It met with a good response". In the first year, a total of around 500 Dumper units were supplied to both men and women alike. A special technical feature of the Dumper is the option to use it with various attachments, such as road sweepers or cutter-bar mowers. Of course, it was inevitable that perceptive competitors came out with similar products on the market.

Another advantage of PowerPac is the company's fleet of rental equipment. This fleet has slowly expanded and offers the customer a broad range of machines for indoor and outdoor jobs. These machines range from garden equipment to mini-excavators. The rental line even includes parquet sanders.

The emphasis is on compaction technology and the Dumper series. In 2004, compaction technology sales were down. "Not only were we able to offset this decline with transporter sales, but we even increased total turnover by 10 percent", said an obviously pleased Urbschat. "In any case, there is an expandable market for mini-transporters".



Product Range


The transport technology division includes small transporters with wheel and track drives. The Mini-Dumper is a wheelbarrow with a 140 kilogram payload driven by a 3.3 kW motor mounted behind the tipping trough. Asnow guard can be attached. On the Multi-Dumper, the 4.3 kW motor is mounted under the tipping trough. It has a 180 kilogram payload. The arrangement of the motor allows the attachment of power-driven accessories such as road sweepers or cutting-bar mowers. A road sweeper can also be conveniently attached to the electric-drive Multi-Dumper (1000 W, 350 kilogram payload). The small-transporter series is rounded off by the track drive Dumper. The motor outputs for this series are 3.2 and 4.2 kW. The payload ranges from 350 to 1200 kilograms. The range also features a road sweeper with a 4.4 kW motor and a working width of 880 millimetres. As optional equipment, a 1040 millimetre road sweeper, a cutting-bar mower, a snow guard or salt spreader can be attached.

Compaction technology products include vibration tampers and vibration plates. The tampers are available with petrol or diesel engines, and weigh 58 to 74 kilograms. The vibration plates weigh 70 to 850 kilograms. The smaller models are equipped with a single-shaft circuit exciter so that there is just one forward motion. Models with an operational weight of 95 kilograms or greater are reversible. They are equipped with a dual-shaft directive force exciter. In addition to the Honda petrol motor, the small models also come with Hatz diesel engines. The diesel engine is standard equipment from the 170 kilogram model upwards.



Quality is the Priority

"When it comes to price, we do not offer a cheap line of mini-transporters", says the PowerPac MD. "We think it is important to offer sound quality at reasonable prices. Our products are distinguished by their durability and sturdy design. In addition, we provide comprehensive customer service with individualised solutions".

PowerPac works with various suppliers who deliver parts for the transporters to Kronberg in accordance with precise specifications. Engineering, development and comprehensive testing of new products all take place in Germany. The tests are performed under actual conditions and in the difficult everyday circumstances of construction sites.

Final assembly of the Dumper products takes place in Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt. As the volume of demand continues to grow, management is considering whether to expand production and outsource assembly orders. The company's experiences with this in the compaction technology area have been positive. PowerPac has been working in this area for years with a competent partner in Belgium/Hungary, which produces the equipment according to specifications from Germany. However, Lothar Urbschat and his team continue to control research and development.

With this organizational structure, the company is able to operate with relatively few internal employees. There are a total of 12 people on the payroll. For distribution, the Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt company uses freelance commercial representatives who attend to sales partners on site. Between 400 and 450 dealers offer PowerPac machines. "With the expansion of our product line by means of transport devices, we were able to increase the number of sales partners for motorised equipment and agricultural machines", reports Urbschat. However, there are still a few a sales gaps, mainly in Germany, that could be filled by more partners.

The company's main outlets are in Germany and other European countries, but it also has markets in Asia and South America. The export quota is an expandable 10 percent. Replacement part supplies are guaranteed by night shipments. The parts are delivered to the dealer from Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt via DPD parcel service. The dealers also have parts in stock and available on site.

In Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt, the company places great value on a familial atmosphere. "Our dealers have a secure distribution area in which they are responsible for everything to do with the sale of our products", says the managing director. "It is a partnership with rights and obligations that requires a great deal of trust on both sides. The transport and compaction specialist supports the sales partners by means of extensive documentation material, demonstrations and training. For example, if the operator of a rental outlet would also like to sell equipment, this option is accompanied by service and sales training.


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